SNAP Gardens

Toolkit for Farmers & Commercial Growers



  • If you sell plants at a farmers’ market, post a SNAP Gardens “Grow Your Food Stamps” sign at your stand. Request posters at
  • If you sell food-producing plants or seeds to a retail vendor who accepts SNAP benefits, make sure to inform them that SNAP allows for purchase of those items.
  • Label your plant stakes or pots or displays “Food Stamps Grow Gardens.” This will serve to inform SNAP participants as well as all garden enthusiasts who will spread the word.  (Feel free to get in touch with SNAP Gardens to co-create an  appropriate design.)
  • When people use SNAP to buy plants and seeds, ask them to visit to give us feedback.
  • Ask customers to return to share their success stories (and to buy more plants!)
  • Start a customer email list so you can stay in touch with your customers throughout the year, update them on what plants are currently for sale or coming soon, etc.
  • Reach out to local media to tell them that you are selling plants and accepting SNAP benefits.  It  is an interesting story for them to cover.


  • Provide written instructions on how to tend to plants – in English and other languages commonly spoken in your area.
  • If you offer gardening advice where you sell, make a sign so your customers feel more comfortable asking.
  • Invite the Master Gardener program to offer gardening support to SNAP participants where you sell:

More ideas

  • If you are not yet authorized to accept SNAP, here is the link to the SNAP Retailer Authorization site: Keep in mind that there are certain retailer eligibility requirements:
  • If you sell produce at a farmers market, kickstart your season early with seedlings.  Begin generating revenue for the farm sooner!
  • When your customers use SNAP to purchase plants, ask if they’d like to purchase seeds as well.  (Mail-order and online seed catalogs cannot accept SNAP benefits.)
  • Ask customers if there are any particular plant varieties they would like you to start.
  • Continue to provide plants for sale throughout the season.  The closer the plants are to maturity, the sooner a gardener can enjoy the harvest.  This is of particular importance for SNAP participants since most are struggling to put food on the table that very day.
  • Visit for more advice.